Fellowship Exchange

General information

ERN-RND is waiting for clinical fellowships to be launched by the European Commission  (in relation to ERNs) to assess the need in terms of fellowships which are complementary with EJP RD research fellowships and ERNs clinical fellowships.

Information will be published soon.


Viktor Molnár, Hungary

Read about his experience at the
Institute of  Medical Genetics &
Applied Genomics, Tübingen,
Germany (previous ERN-RND

Tommaso Schirinzi, Italy

Read about his experience at the
Department of Neurology,
Tübingen, Germany (previous
ERN-RND fellowship).

Shanice Beerepoot, the Netherlands

Read about her experience at the
Paediatric Neurology department,
University Hospital Tübingen, Germany
(EJP RD Fellowship).