ERN-RND webinars in collaboration with ERN EURO-NMD and EAN

ERN-RND provides free educational webinars on rare neurological and neuromuscular diseases - in collaboration with the European Reference Network for Rare Neuromuscular Diseases (EURO-NMD) and the European Academy of Neurology (EAN). The goal is to share knowledge on rare neurological, movement and neuromuscular disorders via a series of webinars presented by expert members of both networks.

Topics: The webinars will treat topics related to the disease groups covered by the two networks and alternate between adult and paediatric contents. Various aspects from more general  clinical features, examination, disease diagnosis, medical interventions and disease management to more specific ones as use of scales or imaging will be discussed.

Audience: clinical specialists (neurologists and paediatric neurologists), residents and other paramedical staff involved in the care of neurological patients.

Recorded webinars:  The webinars are usually recorded and published on the "past webinars" webpage 2 weeks approximately after it took place. However, please consider that in the recorded webinar some features are missing and thus the live experience of these educational events is highly recommended.

Registration: In order to register for a specific webinar click on the webinar of your choice in the table below. The registration links will be active as soon as possible and at the latest 2 weeks before the webinar's date.

Next webinar organised by ERN-RND will be on:

"Approach to the patient with non-HD chorea"

Date Topic Speaker Institution ERN Focus
20 April 2021, 3-4pm CET Approach to the patient with non-HD chorea Ruth Walker Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, USA ERN-RND
4 May 2021, 3-4pm CET Better Conversations -Communication Partner Training for language led dementias Anna Volkmer University College London, UK ERN-RND
11 May 2021, 3-4pm CET Gene therapy in neuromuscular and mitochondrial disorders Thomas Klopstock Ludwig Maximilans University, Munich, Germany ERN-RND
18 May 2021, 3-4pm CET Benign hereditary choreas Kathryn Peall Cardiff University, UK ERN-RND
20 May 2021, 4-5pm CET Muscle and Ageing Gillian Buttler-Brown ERN EURO-NMD
27 May 2021, 4-5pm CET What’s new in the FSHD field? Sabrina Sacconi & Teresinha Evangelista ERN EURO-NMD
8 June 2021, 3-4pm CET MRI pattern recognition in leukodystrophie Nicole Wolf Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, the Netherlands ERN-RND
15 June 2021, 3-4pm CET Update Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Samuel Gröschel & Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann University Hospital Tübingen, Germany ERN-RND
24 June 2021, 4-5pm CET New LGMD classification Volker Straub ERN EURO-NMD
6 July 2021, 3-4pm CET Speech as a biomarker in ataxia: What can it tell us and how should we use it? Adam Vogel University of Melbourne, Australia ERN-RND
14 September 2021, 3-4pm CET Genetic forms of Parkinson's disease Thomas Gasser University Tübingen, Germany ERN-RND
28 September 2021, 3-4pm CET Treatable dystonias & dystonia in inborn errors of metabolism Tom J. de Koning University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands ERN-RND
5 October 2021, 3-4pm CET Adult leukodystrophies - early symptoms of late onset leukodystrophies Fanny Mochel University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), France ERN-RND
7 October 2021, 3-4pm CET X-linked adrenoleukodystrophies – Update (paediatric focus) Caroline Sevin Reference Center for Leukodystrophies, Hospital Bicêtre and Institute for Brain and Spine, Paris, France ERN-RND
12 October 2021, 3-4pm CET Functional gait disorders: a sign-based approach Jorik Nonnekes Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboudumc), Nijmegen, the Netherlands ERN-RND
19 October 2021, 3-4pm CET Oligonucleotide therapies: a new class of drugs that allow precise genetic targeting Annemieke Aartsma-Rus Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands ERN-RND
26 October 2021, 3-4pm CET Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and related disorders Nicole Wolf Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, the Netherlands ERN-RND
9 November 2021, 3-4pm CET Clinical Outcome Assessments in Ataxias Thomas Klockgether University Hospital Bonn, Germany ERN-RND
18 November 2021, 3-4pm CET Pure autonomic failure: really that pure? Alessandra Fanciulli Innsbruck Medical University, Austria ERN-RND
18 November 2021, 4-5pm CET Muscle and Statins Kristl Claeys Leuven, Belgium ERN EURO-NMD

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