#BrainLifeGoals campaign on World Brain Day 2020

World Brain Day, an initiative of the World Federation of Neurology, takes place every year on 22 July. This year, the day aims to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease affecting more than 7 million people of all ages worldwide.
If you would like to participate to the campaign, you can find more information and material here.

On this occasion, in addition to raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease, EFNA will also be involved in another campaign (which it launched in 2019) called #BrainLifeGoals. This campaign is raising awareness of the impact of neurological diseases by exploring the dreams and aspirations of those living with a brain disorder.

Patient-based evidence of the burden of living with neurological disorders forms the basis of the #BrainLifeGoals campaign. Whether you are a patient, patient advocate or an organisation, please participate and help improve public understanding of neurological conditions and reduce associated prejudice/stigma.

You will more information about #BrainLifeGoals as well as material to be shared on social media (always using the #) on the day here.