Solve-RD Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe)

The European Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe) was set up within the H2020 project Solve-RD with the aim to link clinicians discovering new genes in patients with rare diseases to basic scientists, who can validate equivalent genes and pathways in model organisms. Solve-RD will provide 50 Seeding Grants (20,000 EUR each) to fund projects that will allow rapid confirmation of potentially disease-causing genes and decipher the underlying molecular disease mechanisms.

ERN-RND partners can thereby benefit from two aspects from the RDMM-Europe Network:

  • As a Solve-RD partner you can submit novel genes that you want to have functionally validated and can take full advantage of a collaboration that will be established and supported by Solve-RD funding.
  • If you work with a model system or organism and are experienced with the validation of potentially disease-causing genes you are very welcome to enter your expertise in the RDMM-Europe registry.

The Solve-RD management team uses the registry to recruit appropriate research experts for validation from outside the consortium. This means that registration will express an interest in linking to clinicians representing patients with rare diseases and collaborating in projects funded by Solve-RD. Registrants who meet the criteria for a given gene or model system will then be invited to apply for a Seeding Grant.