ERN-RND Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that the first ERN-RND
clinical fellowship has been offered to Viktor Molnár
from the Institute of Genomic Medicine and Rare
Disorders at Semmelweis University in Budapest,

Viktor is currently working in the Institute
of Medical Geneticsand Applied Genomics
of Tübingen University Hospital with Tobias Haack,
Consultant Geneticist and in charge of molecular
genetics until the beginning of August 2018.
The purpose of this fellowship programme is to
give residents or young specialists the opportunity
for further qualification or experience in the field
of rare neurological diseases in terms of clinical
practice in an ERN-RND member health centre.
The exchange can last for up to 3 months and the
applicant, coming from an ERN-RND centre, must
speak the language of the welcoming centre.

We warmly welcome Viktor to Tübingen and look
forward to hearing about his fellowship experience!

ERN-RND Coordinating team