8 June 2021 | ERN-RND webinar “MRI pattern recognition in leukodystrophies”

Webinar: “MRI pattern recognition in leukodystrophies”

Date: 8 June 2021, 3-4pm CET

Speaker: Nicole Wolf, Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Venue: Zoom (online)

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If you signed up to the webinar, we ask you to please upload a typical MRI scan of one of your patients with leukodystrophies to ensure as much interaction as possible. Please also add your name and the age of the child, but not the diagnosis. 

Link to the MRI page: https://padlet.com/nwolf16/krepro9qgh5ff2pc

More information about ERN-RND webinars in collaboration with EURO-NMD and the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) can be found here.