Past webinars

Date Topic Speaker Slides Recorded webinar Focus
18 February 2021 Occurrence of both skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve involvement in genetic and acquired disorders Antonio Toscano View webinar
9 February 2021 Rare Disease Natural History Studies: Experience from the GNAO1 Natural History study in a pre and postpandemic world Amy R. Viehoever View slides View webinar
2 February 2021 Genetic dystonia and treatment Sylvia Boesch View slides
26 January 2021 Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – Update on Diagnostics, Biomarkers and Therapies Günter Höglinger View slides View webinar
10 December 2020 Myasthenia Gravis Isabel Leite View webinar
1 December 2020 Functional movement disorders: a diagnostic guide Christos Ganos Coming soon
24 November 2020 Development of Sara-home: a novel assessment tool for patients with ataxia Gessica Vasco & Susanna Summa View slides View webinar Paediatric
19 November 2020 Congenital Myasthenia Syndrome - an update Sithara Ramdas View webinar
10 November 2020 Rehabilitation in ataxia: current evidence and practice Ludger Schöls View slides Coming soon Neurehabilitation
3 November 2020 Non-invasive stimulation for ataxias Bart van de Warrenburg View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
29 October 2020 Personalized care for patients with ALS: ALS Home monitoring & coaching Anita Beelen & Esther Kruitwagen-van Reenen View webinar
20 October 2020 Clinical practice recommendations for physical therapy for Huntington’s disease Bernhard Landwehrmeyer View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
13 October 2020 Diagnostic algorithm for childhood onset chorea Juan Darío Ortigoza-Escobar View slides View webinar Paediatric
6 October 2020 Treatment of spasticity in HSP & leukodystrophies Annemieke Buizer Coming soon View webinar Paediatric & Neurorehabilitation
1 October 2020 Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia clinical disease course Rebecca Schüle View slides View webinar
29 September 2020 Can we develop & implement evidence based rehabilitation for rare disorders? Hortensia Gimeno Coming soon View webinar Neurorehabilitation
15 September 2020 A challenge in neurogenetics: Huntington disease in kids Ferdinando Squitieri View slides View webinar Paediatric
10 September 2020 How to assess and manage spastic gait in rare diseases? Gál Ota View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
8 September 2020 Semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia Robert Rusina & Zsolt Cséfalvay View slides View webinar
20 August 2020 Painful neuropathies - from diagnosis to treatment Janneke Hoeijmakers View webinar
23 July 2020 Introduction to MR Neurography Olivier Scheidegger View webinar
14 July 2020 Gait rehabilitation in people with hereditary spastic paraplegia & Respiratory physiotherapy in parkinson's plus syndromes Jorik Nonnekes & Martin Srp View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
9 July 2020 Environmental modifiers in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Pauline Lallemant-Dudek View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
30 June 2020 RCT on intrathecal baclofen in dystonia Laura Bonouvrié View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
25 June 2020 Paediatric muscle imaging Robert-Tves Carlier View webinar Paediatric
18 June 2020 Goal setting & outcome measures of interventions in paediatric rehabilitation Annemieke Buizer View slides Coming soon Paediatric & Neurorehabilitation
26 May 2020 Primary progressive aphasia subtyping in clinical practice Rik Vandenberghe View slides View webinar
12 May 2020 Paroxysmal dyskinesias: update on clinical and genetic aspects Giovanna Zorzi View slides View webinar Paediatric
23 April 2020 Exercise & NMD Nicole Voet View webinar
21 April 2020 Hypomyelination Nicole Wolf View slides View webinar Paediatric
14 April 2020 Recognizing atypical parkinsonism Wassilios Meissner View slides View webinar Neurorehabilitation
6 April 2020 Huntington's disease & COVID-19: a difficult combination EHA & ERN-RND Coming soon View webinar
17 March 2020 X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy Marc Engelen View slides View webinar Adult & Paediatric
3 March 2020 Ultrasound diagnostics for cervical dystonia Tobias Baümer View slides View webinar
18 February 2020 Mitochondrial disorder with chorea Martin Paucar Arce View slides View webinar
4 February 2020 Clinical evaluation of dystonia Kailash Bhatia View webinar
28 January 2020 Introduction to Leukodystrophies Nicole Wolf View slides View webinar Paediatric
21 January 2020 Immunue-mediated choreas Jan Lewerenz View slides View webinar
14 January 2020 Inherited ataxias Paola Giunti View slides View webinar
17 December 2019 Non-progressive congenital ataxia Alfons Macaya View slides View webinar Paediatric
3 December 2019 Neuroacanthocytosis syndromes, a rare chorea Adrian Danek View slides View webinar
21 November 2019 Myotonic dystrophies Benedikt Schoser View webinar
5 November 2019 Clinical approach to cerebellar ataxia Bart van de Warrenburg View slides View webinar
24 October 2019 Diagnostic imaging in NMD: the basics Pierre Carlier et al. View webinar