Past webinars

Date Topic Speaker Slides Recorded webinar
24 October 2019 Diagnostic imaging in NMD: the basics Pierre Carlier et al. View webinar
5 November 2019 Clinical approach to cerebellar ataxia Bart van de Warrenburg View slides View webinar
21 November 2019 Myotonic dystrophies Benedikt Schoser View webinar
3 December 2019 Neuroacanthocytosis syndromes, a rare chorea Adrian Danek View slides View webinar
17 December 2019 Non-progressive congenital ataxia (with paediatric focus) Alfons Macaya View slides Coming soon
14 January 2020 Inherited ataxias Paola Giunti View slides View webinar
21 January 2020 Immunue-mediated choreas Jan Lewerenz View slides Coming soon
28 January 2020 Introduction to Leukodystrophies Nicole Wolf View slides View webinar